Building your Business on 5 Digital Marketing Trends

Marketing tactics are rapidly changing as technology advances, and societal trends continue to change. While there are many digital marketing tactics to delve into when expanding a company’s reputation with the public, there are a few key components that should be at the core. 


Social Media: 

The biggest digital marketing component is a strong social presence. While traditional media content is still a large component in a successful marketing plan, a dramatic shift to social media content has occurred. The biggest social platforms for business now are Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. While there are many other platforms that may be great assets to your company, it is best to narrow down to a few platforms that you feel will best connect with your targeted audience.

Going Live: 

Going live is a great way to engage with your audience more intimately than normal postings. Live video is similar to video chatting with your followers, but you have ultimate control of the conversation. Social platforms that are most useful for this are Facebook and Instagram. Going live allows you to answer stakeholder questions in real time, and speak on upcoming events, promotions and company developments directly to your audience. 

Developing Connection:

In today’s heavily digital world, it is important to remain personally connected to your audience. Luckily, many social platforms are implementing ways for users to connect with their following through polls, Q&As, quizzes, contents, and animated infographics. A great tool to better understand what your audience wants next from your company is Twitter Polls. Twitter allows you to tweet polls about various subjects for your followers to vote in. Users can then document the results, and use them as insights for company decisions. Use this feature to ask “would you rather” and “this or that” questions. In addition to this, Instagram has implemented similar features in their “stories”. When posting an Instagram story, add the “questions” sticker, viewers of your story can ask you a question through this sticker, and you can publically answer. Instagram also has other useful stickers like “poll”, “countdown” and a “like-scale” feature.

Influencer Marketing:  

Who are the most influential stakeholders in your market? These people can be useful for your company to get your message, events, and mission out to the rest of the public. Influencers are people who have a decent following on social media and have a reputable, trusting relationship with the public. Network with people like this to encourage them to become a positive stakeholder in your company. Through your relationship, you can encourage them to post content you approve of to their social pages, and by word of mouth about your business. 

Quality over Quantity: 

One of the most important things in creating social media content is to be sure each post is of high quality. This means high-resolution photos and graphics, and writing that resonates with your targeted audience. Ideally, businesses should be posting on their social platforms a few times a week. However, if you’re struggling to find content to post, it is best to limit your posts to what you feel is most important to convey to your audience.